Immortal Vinyl Records is a small vinyl only record label, that made it to it's passion
to bring out the metal sound on the one and only holy sound carrier of all times
which is worth this music and to keep it going. Save the vinyl!

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IVR 014
DOOMSHINE “The Piper at the Gates of Doom” Do LP

Doomshine-The  Piper at the Gates of Doom LP

Solid embossing gatefold cover with spot UV lavish effects and coloured printed inner sleeves – limit. 500

250 as standard black vinyl 20,- €
250 as standard massive two-coloured yellow / brown vinyl 24,- €
The second album with more than 73 min finest epic doom!
Test pressing in original cover + inner sleeves – limit. 5 copies only 30,- €

IVR 012
HOLY MOSES "Master of Disaster" - LP black vinyl 15,-€ (only few copies!)

Holy moses LP

Solid cover, coloured inlay & labels – limit. 333
222 as black vinyl
111 as colour in colour vinyl (blue/white) - sold out!
The 2001 comeback EP with 6 bonus tracks first time on vinyl.

IVR 013
HOLY MOSES "Disorder of the Order" LP (incl. 7") black vinyl 18,-€ (only few copies!)

Solid cover, coloured inlay & labels – limit. 333
222 as black vinyl
111 as colour in colour vinyl (red/blue) - sold out!
Test pressing in black vinyl with orig. cover and inlay, limit. 5 pcs. 30,- € (last copy!)
The 2002 album first time on vinyl incl. two MOTÖRHEAD cover versions as bonus tracks.

IVR 011
FORMEL I "Edelrocker" 5 LP-Set -- black vinyl – 50,- € (last copies/letzte Exemplare!)

Formel I LP DDR Metal

=> => =>More Info => =>=>

Incl. 12 sided B/W-booklet in LP-format, limited only to 400 copies (100 in transparent beer colour (sold out) and 300 in black vinyl.)
Only as LP version available, CD not planned so far.
The ultimate collectors piece for all fans of the most important GDR heavy metal band (1982-87).

FORMEL I Edelrocker T-Shirt
FORMEL I "Edelrocker" T-Shirt – sold out!
Front + back print – limit. only 100

Formel Eins T-Shirt
FORMEL I "Hart wie Stahl" T-Shirt – sold out!
Front + back print – limit. only 100

FORMEL I Heavy Metal T-Shirt
FORMEL I "Heavy Metal" T-Shirt – sold out!
Front + back print – limit. only 100

IVR 001
DOOMSHINE "Thy Kingdoom Come" - Do LP with exclusive bonus track "Trouble Fire"   – sold out!

Doomshine LP

Gatefold cover and brown / yellow splatter vinyl – limited 500
(Finest Epic Doom between SOLITUDE AETURNUS and CANDLEMASS

IVR 009
FORSAKEN "Dominaeon" - Do LP with excl. live bonus tracks   blue vinyl: 16,- € (only few copies!)
transparent white blue splatter vinyl: 18,- €


Gatefold cover – limited 500 (250 blue vinyl + 250 transparent white / blue splatter vinyl)
(Their third album, an epic master piece without keyboards and Doom classic in future.
With this new release FORSAKEN should secure their candidature for the Doom throne.
Incl. 2 live bonus tracks from HOA 2004.)

IVR 002
FORSAKEN "Anima Mundi" - Do LP with the "Iconoclast" EP as bonus   16,-€ (last copies!)

Forsaken LP

Gatefold cover, golden coloured vinyl – limited 500

IVR 007
FORSAKEN "Evermore" - Do LP with excl. live bonus track   – sold out!


Gatefold cover and lilac / black splatter vinyl – limited 333 only!
(Their great 96th debut without keyboard bombast coined of Doom icons like TROUBLE,
Live bonus from HOA 2004 incl. CANDLEMASS cover version)

IVR 010
WARHAMMER "Towards the Chapter of Chaos" - LP – sold out!

Warhammer LP

Incl. inlay – limited 333 (183 black vinyl + 150 clear / black splatter vinyl)
With new cult cover artwork by Frank Krynojewski and different track list incl. the complete demo.
The final vinyl of the HELLHAMMER sons, for die-hard fans only!

IVR 004
WARHAMMER "Deathchrist" - LP  – sold out!


Incl. inlay, black vinyl – limited 500
The second album from the German underground cult act (R. I. P.) first time on vinyl
The spirit from HELLHAMMER lived on here.

IVR 005
WARHAMMER "The Doom Messiah" - LP  – sold out!

Incl. inlay, black vinyl – limited 500
The third album with exclusive new cover artwork by Frank Krynojewski first time on vinyl

IVR 006
FEARER "Backfire" - LP   10,-€


incl. full colour inlay, green / black splatter vinyl - limited 333 only!
(Blasting old school Death Metal with clear MALEVOLENT CREATION, OBITUARY & BOLT THROWER influences)

IVR 003
WOLF "Evil Star" - 3 sided Do LP with Bonustrack "Deja Vu"   – sold out!

Wolf Evil Star LP

Gatefold cover and white / black splatter vinyl – limited 500
(Traditional 80s Metal between IRON MAIDEN & MERCYFUL FATE)

IVR 008
GODDESS OF DESIRE "Awaken Pagan Gods" - Pict. LP + bonus track 'Metal to the Metals' 2005 version
15,-€ (last copies!)

goddess_awaken   goddess_of_desire

Picture disc in gatefold cover + hand signed poster – limited 333 only!
(Raise the Metal Fist, one of the truest Metal warriors are back,
again 80s Metal hymns with unmistakable VENOM, SODOM, MOTÖRHEAD,

Furthermore here available: (each only few in store)

LOST WORLD ORDER “Parasites” LP 12,-€ (last copies!)

Lost world order LP

Grey blue white splatter vinyl with exclusive bonus track in coloured inner sleeve and solid high glossy

gatefold cover incl. big poster.

Limited to 500 hand numbered copies.

Third strike of the end time thrasher, so to speak duty for all SLAYER, EXODUS, KREATOR & Co fans.

LOST WORLD ORDER “Marauders” LP 12,-€ (last copies!)

Lost world order LP

Black splatter vinyl in solid high glossy gatefold cover & coloured inner sleeve incl. patch, sticker and post card,
limited to 500 hand numbered copies.
Second vinyl only album (not available on CD) of the end time thrash metal quartet from the German underground.

LOST WORLD ORDER “This Apparatus Must Be Earthed!” LP 12,- € (last copies!)

Lost world order LP

Black vinyl, inlay + sticker - limit. 500 hand numberedOld school thrash metal with rough vokillz and bay area influences.
Besides EXODUS or SLAYER are also KREATOR & co reference bands of the hell commando.

MOSHQUITO “Metallic Grave (1987-1989)” LP 12,-€ (last copies!)

Moshquito LP

Black vinyl in Cover & coloured printed Inner sleeve, limit. to 500 hand numbered copies

Die legendären ostdeutschen Thrasher (stilistisch von KREATOR, SLAYER, S. O. D., DESTRUCTION & Co beeinflusst) aus Zwickau
gingen Mitte der 80er aus der Traditionsmetalband ARGUS hervor, veröffentlichten die zwei Demos „No Back to Inferno“ (1987)
und „Mosh in Moscow“ (1988). Diese liefen damals vorwiegend in der ebenfalls legendären DT 64 Heavystunde oder auch Beatkiste
auf Stimme der DDR. Beide gibt es jetzt incl. einiger Coverversionen erstmals exklusiv nur auf Vinyl (eine CD-Version ist nicht
geplant und wird es wohl nie geben)! Vor allem Pflicht für alle Ossi-Thrashheads!!!

The legendary east German thrasher (stylistic influenced by KREATOR, SLAYER, S. O. D., DESTRUCTION & Co) from Zwickau
followed mid of the 80s the tradition metal band ARGUS, released the two demos „No Back to Inferno“ (1987) and
„Mosh in Moscow“ (1988). Those ran at that time mainly in the also legendary DT 64 heavy hour or as well Beatkiste
on Stimme der DDR. Now there are both incl. some cover versions for the first time exclusive on vinyl only
(a CD version isn’t planned yet and won’t probably be never)! Duty for all Ossi trash heads above all!!!

Side A) Intro, Violence of Evil, No Back to Inferno, No Reality, Saufen schmeckt gut, Beware This Destiny, Penny Lane, Take Their Lives (Live)

Side B) Metallic Grave, Solitary Land, For the Communist Emperor, Secret Surveilance, Mosh In Moscow, Paranoid, It's Time to Die, Antichrist (Live)


BATTLEROAR “To Death and Beyond” LP 15,- € (last copies!)

Battle Roar LP

Black vinyl in gatefold over, limited to 350 hand numbered copies, Import.
Current third album from the Greek masters of epic metal, those influences are US metal cult acts like
Hopefully the predecessor “Age of Chaos” of 2005 will follow soon!

EMERALD “Hymns to Steel” Do LP 15,-€ (last copies!)

Emerald LP

Black vinyl in gatefold cover + poster – limit. 500

The strictly limited vinyl edition of "Hymns to Steel" features five bonus tracks, “Heaven help us” from
"One Foot in Fire - A Tribute to Cirith Ungol", “Dr. Phibes/Dream World” from "A Tribute to Angel Witch",
“Warlord's Wrath” from the Canadian band BLACK KNIGHT and two live tracks, recorded at the
“10 Years of Emerald Anniversary Concert'” in 2006 in Switzerland.
EMERALD plays 80s years US epic metal style.

SEASONS OF THE WOLF “Seasons of the Wolf” LP 12,- € (last copies!)

season of the wolf LP

180 g black vinyl in gatefold cover incl. inlay – limit. 525 hand numbered copies
The debut album of the US/Horror Metalheads first time on vinyl with 2 bonus tracks.

AFTER DEATH “Retronomicon” Do LP 13,- € (last copies!)


Black vinyl in gatefold cover

Mike Browning, the legendary drummer and singer of MORBID ANGEL, NOCTURNUS and ACHERON
offers a new revolutionary band that understands to combine occult magical sounds of today with
the wicked feeling from his old cult-bands. AFTER DEATH presents a total unique, atmospheric and
occult death metal soundtrack! Definitely not another ordinary release.
Includes 4 different recording sessions. 70 minutes of total obscurity and magic.

THORAX "Test of Time" Do LP 14,-€ (last copy!)

Thorax LP

Black vinyl in gatefold cover, 4 sided insert, limit. 500
Traditional Euro heavy metal of the 80s. This Do LP from the Belgian contains the 1986s, 1987s and 1990s demos.

STEEL PROPHET "Inner Ascendance" LP 14,-€ (last copies!)

Steel Prophet LP

180 g black vinyl + inlay in a solid cover – limit. 333
The legendary 1989th demo album in a strictly limited edition incl. bonus track "In the Dream"!

IGNITOR "Road of Bones" LP +7'' 14,- € (last copies!)

Ignitor LP

Black vinyl LP + Bonus 7'' incl. 'Reinheitsgebot' as English & German version
and 4-page insert in a solid cover.
Second long player of the Austin / Texas tradition US metallians round front bitch Erika
(she left the band meanwhile), with great cover artwork from Joe Petagno (MOTÖRHEAD).

FATAL EMBRACE "Dark Pounding Steel" LP 11,-€ (last copies!)

Fatal Embrace  LP

Black vinyl (limit. 200) or picture disc (limit. 300), both variants in gatefold cover
incl. inlay + poster and exclusive bonus track.
FATAL EMBRACE are counted among DESASTER and WITCHBURNER to the spearhead
in the German old school thrash metal underground.

AFTER ALL "This Violent Decline" LP 10,-€ (last copies!)

After All LP

Black vinyl in a solid cover + inlay – limit. 500
Now also the great 3rd long player of the Belgian power thrasher on vinyl.

BLACK STEEL "Hellhammer" - LP   10,- € (last copy!)

black steel LP

Hand numbered edition in black vinyl, solid inner sleeve
Authentic produced 80s traditional metal (IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, SAXON, JAG PANZER & Co)
from down under. Already second album of the band.

BÖRN AGAIN "Never-ending Fire" - 7" 5,- € (last copy!)

börn again

Black vinyl, solid cover
Sidekick from Marta Gabriel (voc/key) & Tom “Golem” Danczak (dr) of CRYSTAL VIPER, Martin Albrecht (bg), Ex-STORMWITCH/MYSTIC PROPHECY sowie Björn Daigger (guit), Ex-MAJESTY/DAWNRIDER

Many thanx for the interest in advance.